Unlike screen printing, embroidery can easily be done on just one piece. It does require a design to be created on the computer using special embroidery software. If the design is text only, it is fairly simple. If the design has artwork or a logo, it must be digitized into stitches in order to be embroidered.

Once the design is ready, the garment must be place into the appropriate hoop along with the proper type of backing and then put onto the embroidery machine. The design is then loaded into the machine, the colors of thread selected and the item is embroidered.

After the design is finished sewing, any long threads and backing are trimmed away and the item is ready for delivery.

Although we are only explaining the process for a single piece, we routinely do orders of a hundred or more pieces.

We are constantly investing in more embroidery equipment, updated software and training to serve our customers. Currently, we have two single head and one two head Tajima commercial embroidery machines as well as the most current version of Tajima/Pulse software.