Vinyl Signage

The Problem

You need signs that will last. You know what you want it to say, but need some experienced advice to get your message noticed.

The Solution

We have been making signs professionally since 1989. We use high quality vinyl lettering that is designed and produced using the latest computer technology in our own shop. Vinyl lettering lasts far longer than paint so your sign looks good for a long time. Your signs will be engineered to withstand many years of sun, rain, snow, etc. We will gladly suggest a layout and color scheme to fit your budget. Whether you want it mild or wild. Our shop is normally busy with standard delivery times of two to three weeks on most orders.



The difference between “Price” & “Cost”

“Price” is the amount you pay at the time of purchase.
“Cost” is determined by the number of years the product lasts.

What good is a “Cheap Job” if it has to be re-done every couple of years?

Thank You for considering Stripes & Signs for your sign project. We look forward to serving You!